We believe in our school that the continuous assessment of students involved in everyday activities is the most reliable way to build an accurate picture of what students know, understand, feel, want, and can do.

Why do we need an assessment?

  •  Ensuring that the needs of all learners are met;
  • Ensure that learners have the opportunity to demonstrate their potential;
  •  Assess the impact of resources and resources on learning;
  • Planning for future learning steps for students;
  • Intervene, support and expand learning for all students;
  •  Building a clear picture of the development of student learning;
  •  Provide guidance for conversations with students, parents and specialist teachers;
  •  Ensure continuity of learning and no gaps in transition

We will use the evaluation to:

  •  Indicate the starting point for all students individually;
  •  Create a database that allows analysis of:
    * identify future development areas and guide the school’s development plan.
    * measuring the effectiveness of education and evaluation in school.
    *track student results to ensure progress.
    * identify strengths and development areas to improve education.
    *identify the strengths and development areas of the current batch of students.
    * identify students with poor performance to support them.
  •  Direct annual, quarterly and daily planning, at the grade level as well as individuals.
  • Provide a detailed report on students’ individual progress to their parents, teachers and
    others through:
    * Parent meetings.
    * Quarterly reports.

We will use evidence of student progress in:

  •  provide an accurate picture of student development and learning individually;
  • Help teachers understand each student’s achievements, interests and learning styles;
  • Identify strengths and development areas for individual students;
  •  Help teachers plan the next steps for learning